IRIS – presentment

Vision / Intention / Invitation to the Arboretum

Dear visitors of our site, thank you for your interest in our project.

The aim of our efforts in gradually realized MAMZ IRIS is the combination of an intuitive and scientific knowledge.

IRIS – Miniarboretum a meditační zahrada Kácov

For particularly important in today’s world of fences and restrictions we consider the free space on the continuity of the surrounding countryside and its permeability for humans and animals. This is related to freedom in experiencing our life.

Planting plants occur to increase the biodiversity of the landscape and its subsequent settlement of the fauna. We use original and collectors plant species. The project is primarily a collection of birches and yews, for example here. rowans, chestnuts, beeches, firs, cultivars of brslenů. Didactic aspect of the Arboretum is applied when planting similar cultivars close to each other, that they are easily observable their often inconspicuous distinguishing characters. We strive to make subsequent maintenance of Green was the least demanding and respect for local conditions. In addition to the deliberately vysazovaných trees and herbs will leave happy surprise and leckterými plants freely spreading.

The individual elements and the plants are grouped into units of the navozujících peace, well-being and harmony. The basic principle of the orientation of the Arboretum to the cardinal comes from his own perception of the individual authors and from the local observation of natural influences within the day and year. Also free of Indian learning šástra-Vastu Vedic manuscript about the architecture, of the Chinese traditions, and especially of our Czech roots. Benediktýnské motto, Ora et labora-pray and work often aptly is complimented by our activities in this area. Put the emphasis on the experience of the senses of internal and external practice.

At the entrance welcomes you to kosatcový záhonek, which is lined with willow-site fencing separating the individual varieties. On the border of the spring and summer here is full of shades of blue white color. Of symbolic elements we have for you on hot summer days the Sun stébelnaté vyskládali stone from there, which also serves as a fireplace. Their centres are located in the proportions of the golden section. Tempting year round walk is the Celtic horoscope, where you will meet Your tree and he attributed properties. We believe that the area soon will be added and a small pyramid and Chinese pentagram.

We are looking forward to your visit, for the Arboretum
Šárka Michálková